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Zach Manor

Chicken Daddy

oh hello! i'm zachary aka the head chicken-tender of cluck norris manor. cnm was founded in may of 2020 during the height of the covid-19 pandemic. though fairly new to the chicken world, i am not unfamiliar to backyard flocks. before making "the switch" i actually kept ducks for about 4 years. cnm is located in north central florida and is home to 27 punny named divas.

you might be wondering: how the cluck did we end up here? well, one sleepless night, i happen to be on the hunt for a good chicken calendar and somehow found myself down a rabbit hole of awkward family photos. because i wasn't thrilled with any calendar already available, i decided to make my own. thus, the idea of "bakward" was born. 


some might find it strange, but our overall attitude here at cnm is to have fun and make people laugh. as john lennon once said, "it's weird not to be weird."

Zach Manor
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