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Quinton Greene

Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Iridologist Healing Coach

By the age of 35, I had dealt with a laundry list of health conditions including pyloric stenosis, anxiety and panic disorder, OCD, SAD, PTSD, Lyme, occipital neuralgia, prostatitis, UTIs, diverticulitis, IBS, food sensitivity, tinea versicolor, acne, CFS, brain fog, migraines, Bell’s Palsy, TMJ, neurological illness, ticks/twitches/tingling, leg stiffening during sleep, sinusitis, allergies, chronic URIs, Mono/EBV, back pain, arthritis, word blockage, eye floaters, rapid aging, and much more.

Life was tough!

I would hit rock bottom. My quality of life was pathetic, and I felt like a failure. I was relying on prescription pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol, and other self-destructing behaviors to cope. Doctors consistently placed the blame on me and my faulty body- healing was never an option. They were not equipped with the necessary information and expertise required to free me from my suffering. I was scared, hopeless, and confused. Desperation pushed me to abandon conventional medicine and head down the rabbit hole of the alternative medical world- a decision that would give me a new lease on life.

Fast forward 7 years. Now 41, I write this fully recovered from every health condition I was ever afflicted with. Not a symptom to speak of. Naturally healing from life-long illness was the single most challenging yet wondrous experience of my life. The greatest gift my journey gave me was the ability to help others do what I did more efficiently and less expensively. My experience enabled me to relate to you in ways 99% of healthcare professionals cannot. I've been in your shoes and know how to get you out of them.

I don't care what you have going on. I don't care what doctors have told you. I don't care how advanced your condition is. When you commit to regeneration and detoxification of the body on a deep cellular level, you heal.

Afford me the opportunity to work with you. I will not let you down.

Quinton Greene
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